Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Essential Start Point

The Tank Top

I felt this was the best place to start because to me, it is the most vital part. This is an essential to any big girls life, and to any girl’s life in general. Keeping with the theme we will stick to the thick madams. It's not really all that appealing when us ladies don't look somewhat put together, or all jiggly in a tight shirt. If you simply invest in a good or a few good tank tops it almost solves the issue. Your instructions are not to buy a tank top that will sausage you in, but will simply smooth out the lines. It just holds everything in place so that a shirt will fit nicely on top without hugging every single unflattering lump or bump. You want to enhance your beauty not show off the parts that we would likely not want shown off. Tank tops just help this out, not too tight or too loose and its perfect for under EVERY single shirt. It will help everyone out whether you are wearing a tee-shirt or a sexy little bar number. You can find good tank tops almost anywhere. I usually buy a size smaller than my regular shirt size, so it is more fitted. I have a variety of colours, so I never have to worry about matching. I also have different styles, like the lacy ones, or a couple of strapless ones. I truly feel so much better when I have a little tank top underneath whatever I am wearing. Please go and buy one now!! It really is an essential.

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