Sunday, 29 April 2012

Summer Time

Tis the season for big girls all over to begin stressing over summer clothes, bathing suits, beach outings, pool parties, last years’ summer clothes not fitting etc. There is something terribly stressful about the oncoming of summer for some people. That sweater you hid under all winter cannot be worn in 30 degree weather. It’s a time when you can’t get away with the usual tricks made convenient by the cooler weather. The loss of being able to conceal yourself. It can send some people into panic mode and into a crash diet regime to get rid of that winter bulge. I think every big girl out there has tried a fad/crash diet. Unfortunately the lesson has not been learned that when you do that, 99% of the time you gain it back, plus some extra friends. I am not going to start giving advice on diets, as I do not plan on dieting any time soon. I am just going to say that yes summer is a season where we are a bit more exposed than usual. My advice to you is to try to love yourself and your assets. Draw on what you find appealing about yourself. If you cannot think of anything, ask a friend what your best features are. I’m sure you have at least one or two! Take what you like about yourself and make that your feature, if it’s your chest, then accentuate your chest (while keeping it tasteful). I never used to like myself and always covered up in the summer. One summer I wore cardigans every day to cover myself up. Summer was torture that year. The only person who can make you feel better about yourself is you. Do not fish for compliments or rely on others to give you feedback. You have to do it yourself. You need to see that you aren’t as bad as you think, you are beautiful in your own way. The more you see it, the more you believe it, the more it will emanate from you. The way you carry yourself is a direct correlation on how you feel about yourself. Even if you start today and find something you like about yourself, it’s a small but good start. Maybe it’s your lips, eyes, legs etc. Just use it as a building block and keep going. Don’t let summer get to you, conquer it and have a good time, rather than always hiding yourself away. 

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