Friday, 4 January 2013

Le Bra

I cannot express the importance of having a good fitting bra. Everyone needs to be measured at least once. There is actually a pretty high statistic stating most women are wearing the wrong size. Walk around a mall for a few hours and you will see that it’s true. Back seepage is not very nice, and its unnecessary if you are wearing a band size that is actually your size. Cup spillage is not very tasteful either, perhaps you have “outgrown” your old cup size and need to upgrade. I understand that is it tremendously difficult to find undergarments in this country for big girls, but we do have two plus size stores that can accommodate our hefty chests. Penningtons and Addition Elle do carry some nice bras. I am a big fan of any big girl store that still allows me to dress like I’m an attractive female. Just because I’m bigger does not mean I don’t want to look and feel sexy. So I have bought pretty bras from both places, and I don’t think I’ve had any complaints about them so far… I wish I had more resources to share, however, La Senza and Victoria’s Secret are very limited in their size selection. If you can still fit into those stores, that’s great because there are so many more styles and they are much cheaper. If you are like me and have surpassed those stores, give the other two a shot. You would be pleasantly surprised at how good you will feel when your girls are sitting in a nice spot and in a bra that fits properly. 

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