Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Just because it is made in your size does not mean you should wear it

I know I am all about people feeling good in what they are wearing. This, unfortunately, is a tough love piece. Yes, I am a size 20-22, and yes, sometimes I can squeeze my ass into an 18. Is this always a good idea? If I want to breathe, no. Aesthetically speaking, also a no. Just because I can squeeze into something, does not mean it is a good idea. God help the person who might be around when I bust out of my sausage casing!! I recently travelled to the UK, and US and was unexpectedly surprised by the various outfits on us Thick Madam’s that I saw. I saw this beautiful girl in a long maxi dress, lovely from the front, then bam… she turned to the side and there it was… a skin tight profile of a tummy issue. I get it, we can’t always hide our flaws, nor should we be overly concerned about it. However, if that lovely girl had simply purchased a size bigger, she would have looked incredible. I understand some people just want to fit into whatever size they can, but it is not the way.  Another side to this topic is wearing god awful clothing, just because it is made in my size. I recently went into Forever 21, which I happen to love their plus size clothing… for the most part. There was a skin tight mini dress with cut outs in a size 3x, which is my size. Once again, yes it is my size, but is this a good idea. Just because it is available for purchase and in my size, should I wear it?? Probably not. Unless maybe as a bedroom dress! I hate to be negative towards my people (big girls) but just cause you found it in your size, put the damn inappropriate garment down. I understand this is a very vague description of inappropriate, so I will list some possible inappropriate features:
Full open back all the way to the crack
Cut outs of any kind
Short dresses to the point your “Britney” is showing, or could show
Something so tight you can hardly breathe
If the skirt is so tight you need to pee every 5 minutes
If you resemble a packed tight sausage
The ripple effect: if it hugs every nook and roll all the way down, get it off, NOW

Sadly, these articles of clothing do exist. Although I love a girl with confidence, sometimes toning down that outfit choice is the only solution. Make smart choices, do not simply buy everything in your size because it is your size. Hang that garment back up in the store and keep on walking to the next item. Just like partners, there are plenty of fish in the sea, just keep looking and the right one will come along.